Another company will supply Ukrainian berries to the UAE

Thu, 21.11.2019 13:44

Another one Ukrainian company signed an agreement on the supply of blueberries in the UAE at the WOP Dubai 2019 exhibition next season. The document was approved by Farzana Trading, an importer of Gulf fruits. About this writes the portal EastFruit.

In addition, the International Airlines of Ukraine (UIA) will be involved in the implementation of the contract, which provided a guarantee of a block of cargo seats with a specific flight plan on the Kiev-Dubai route for 2020.

The management of Nikardi LLC noted that the signing of this agreement is a significant breakthrough in relations between the berry farms of Ukraine and buyers from the United Arab Emirates.

“The export of Ukrainian products to the United Arab Emirates, as, in fact, to any other country, is a very important component of Ukraine’s representation in the world, its authenticity and recognition. It expands the knowledge of foreign citizens about our country, its resources and investment attractiveness. I’m sure that UAE residents will enjoy Ukrainian blueberries with pleasure and will want to learn more about the country of its origin, ” UIA emphasized.

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Source: EastFruit

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