An official iftar was organized at the Ar-Rahma mosque

Tue, 03.06.2014 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in arabic/ On Thursday, June 3, a ceremonial breaking fast dinner was held at the courtyard of the Kiev’s mosque Ar-Rahma.

The Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims  (DUMU) traditionally organizes such an event  in the month of Ramadan in order to strengthen ties between representatives of different nationalities of Ukraine and for acquaintance of the diplomatic corps and international organizations with the life of Ukrainian Muslims.

The official dinner was attended by the heads of diplomatic missions in Ukraine, representatives of the Ukrainian state authorities, public and non-governmental organizations, the Muslim diasporas, and many other guests.

The event started after evening prayer with the reading of the Koran.

The first greeting had been read was from the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. He wished all Muslims of Ukraine strong faith and achievements for the benefit of the Ukrainian society. The Head of the Parliament of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov in his greeting also wished to everybody self-improvement and spiritual development, pointing that multi-ethnic Ukraine is strong with different cultures and religions. The Minister of Culture of Ukraine Evgeniy Nischuk wished success in the development of Ukrainian society, peace and prosperity to every family.

The representative of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Egyptian Waqf Shaykh Muhammad Amr in his speech congratulated the Ukrainian Muslims and wished peace and good health and thanked the DUMU and personally Sheikh Akhmed Tamim for his work in spreading the true religious knowledge.

The Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klichko praised the contribution of Muslims to the development of Ukraine and wished everyone peace and goodness.

The head of the National Expert Commission on the protection of public morality Vasily Kostitsky also made ​​a congratulatory speech. He thanked Muslims for strengthening the morals of Ukrainian society and wished everybody happiness, goodness, inexhaustible energy and inspiration.

Besides there had been read greetings from Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Lieutenant-General Stepan Poltorak, Head of Kyiv Regional State Administration Volodymyr Shandra and others.

At the end of the Iftar Sheikh Akhmed Tamim thanked the guests for their congratulations and express the desire to work for the benefit of multinational Ukrainian society for the sake of peace, prosperity, unity and integrity of our country.

After that guests were enjoyed by spectacular fireworks.

During the event the 3D design of the Ar-Rahma mosque was presented to the public. Now everyone who wants can enjoy by views of the first mosque of independent Ukraine in internet.


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