An official iftar was held in Zaporozhye

Wed, 23.07.2014 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in arabic/ On Wednesday, 23 of July, a ceremonial iftar (Muslim breaking fast dinner) was organized by the Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims (DUMU) and the "Arab Center" in the city of Zaporozhye.

The sacred evening meal was attended by representatives of the authorities of Zaporozhye, Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Akhmed Tamim, representatives of public organizations, the media and other guests.

Opening the evening the Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Akhmed Tamim congratulated the guests with Ramadan. “Such important events are held throughout Ukraine. For example, in Crimea were carried near 80 iftars. By the way they are conducted even at Donetsk region, despite the situation in the country”, - noted the Mufti. Akhmed Tamim also reminded that iftars are intended for better understanding each other and for uniting people. “Ukraine is the country between Eastern and Western cultures”, - says he.

The head of Zaporozhian "Arab Center" Nauffal Hamdani thanked DUMU headed by Sheikh Akhmed Tamim for the opportunity to come together in the city of Zaporozhye and held a joint dinner. Also he thanked the local authorities who support the entire Muslim community of the city, and wished all the nations of Ukraine to be united and successfully developing.

The chairman of Zaporozhian center of Tatar culture "Alty Ai" Rahima Ahmerova in her turn thanked the Ukrainian people for their kindness and openness. “Each of us is a spiritual piece of our large multicolored and multinational state of Ukraine", - said Rahima. She also urged all nations to walk shoulder to shoulder and protect each other in this difficult time.

Representatives of local authorities of Zaporozhye also greeted Muslims with their holiday. They wished to all Muslim peoples living in Ukraine goodness and peace, and thanked for invitation to the official Iftar in Zaporozhye. "Peace between us is a guarantee that the war would not come here. And while Ukraine exists as a country all of us have a right to believe in whom we prefer and speak in language we want”, - said a director of the Department of Culture of Zaporozhye Regional State Administration Vladislav Morok.

At the dinner guests were treated to a variety of dishes of traditional Eastern cuisine. A culture program was consisted in listening to nasheeds (religious songs, performed by children).

The event left in the hearts of those who presented warm memories and good mood.


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