Amsterdam court arrests shares of company that builds Turkish Stream

Sat, 26.10.2019 12:18

The Amsterdam District Court arrested the shares of the Russian subsidiary of Gazprom, South Stream Transport B.V., which is responsible for the construction and management of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline. This was announced on Facebook October 25 by the Executive Director of NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy Yuri Vitrenko.

The press service of Naftogazu informed that the court has arrested 100% of the shares of this company since October 23 at the suit of the NAC.

According to the report, Naftogaz filed this lawsuit, seeking to secure the payment by Gazprom of $ 2.56 billion, which the Stockholm Arbitration Court ordered Ukraine to pay to the Russian company.

Gazprom refuses to pay this debt and has already taken measures aimed at preventing the enforcement of the arbitral award, including transferring assets such as shares of South Stream Transport B.V. to other business entities, ”the release said.

The NAC explained that this is why they initiated a lawsuit in the District Court of Amsterdam and sought to arrest the shares of South Stream Transport B.V.

Source: Twitter

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