Alexander Peklushenko ex Chairman of Zaporizhzhya administration was die today

Thu, 12.03.2015 17:41

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ In Zaporozhye in your own home found dead ex-Governor Alexander Peklushenko.

This information UKRINFORM correspondent confirmed in the regional Department of internal Affairs.

"The body of the former head of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration with a gunshot wound was found about an hour ago in the village of the sun, on 8 March, where he lived lost," said management.

At the same time the source is surrounded by the former Governor of UKRINFORM reported that Peklushenko gunshot wound in the neck. On the scene now are law enforcement officers.

Recall that Alexander Peklushenko positions:

Director of Plant nutrition, m Zaporozhye. Chairman of the Board Pology rajonnogo consumer society Zaporizhzhya regional. Instructor Zaporizhzhia oblast Committee of the Communist party. People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 4th, 5th and 6th convocations. He was Deputy Chairman of the Party of regions faction.  From November 2011 to March 2014 head of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration. Awarded Honorary diplomas of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


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