Abu Dhabi street lights to be replaced by LEDs

Tue, 29.08.2017 09:42

Over the next few years, energy-efficient LED lights will replace more than 350,000 street lighting fixtures across the emirate of Abu Dhabi, Gulf News has learnt.

These include the retrofitting of nearly 43,000 street lamps in Abu Dhabi island, and a tender to operate and install the lights as part of this flagship project will be issued within the year, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City announced in a statement issued on Monday.

“There are about 40,000 LED fixtures already installed across Abu Dhabi, including on Yas Island and other areas, and the goal is to retrofit the rest through a series of public-private partnerships. The flagship project covers Abu Dhabi island as this area has been extensively surveyed,” Martin Valentine, lighting expert at the Municipality, told Gulf News.

“There will be a set of other tenders to retrofit the existing lights, including in Al Ain and Al Dhafra region, and on all highways,” he added.

As reported by Gulf News in 2015, Abu Dhabi’s municipal sector regulator, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport (DMAT), expects to save nearly Dh3 billion over the next two decades by replacing conventional street lamps, typically sodium vapour or metal halide lamps, with LED lights. The cost savings are expected to arise from lower maintenance and replacement costs, and reduced environmental impact.

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Source: GulfNews

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