About work in Donbas reported Poroshenko of the SBU

Thu, 20.08.2015 17:23

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ President Petro Poroshenko said that since the beginning of the current year in the Donbass, the security Service of Ukraine detained and placed under investigation over 600 members and supporters of the illegal armed groups.

According to him, the SBU cleared more than 20 sabotage and reconnaissance groups, ceased operations 18 undercover Russian intelligence networks, in preparation warned nearly 20 terrorist acts.

 "This year alone in the Donbas is detected, detained and handed over to the investigating authorities with more than 600 members and active supporters of the illegal armed groups that have been infiltrated into our territory or recruited among the local population", - said the head of state at the time of handing over keys from apartments to employees of the SBU.

Poroshenko also said that for the first half of 2015 from illegal circulation it is withdrawn more than 500 weapons, more than one million pieces of ammunition, more than 250 kilograms of explosives.



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