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Thu, 23.04.2015 16:14

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ April 22, 2015 the day of the official opening International Arsenal Book Festival. 5th annual  art festival readies to launch as hundreds of artists head to Ukraine's capital . Bureau will be in the most picturesque part of the Arsenal – the ‘Paper.World.Art' exhibition.

Olia Zhuk, Curator, International Arsenal Book Festival:

- They are preparing for a really huge book event, which is called the International Arsenal Book Festival.

And it will be the 5th time it is going on in Kyiv, it is a young event, but it is already very popular. And it's taking place in a very nice, beautiful place called Arts Arsenal.

The space truly was quite nice. The event is being held in an old 18th century armory building which has been transformed into an exhibition hall.

- Tell me a bit about the people who will be here presenting their works?

Olia Zhuk, Curator, Arsenal Book Festival: "They are writers, publishers, musicians, artists, illustrators. They are coming from 12 countries, from Europe, from the US, from eastern Europe. There will be around 50 guests from abroad and over 100 Ukrainian authors".

From Wednesday until Sunday, the 5th International Arsenal Book Festival will see writers from across Europe present some of their latest work and also dozens of artists at this hybrid literature and art festival.

- So it's called the international art book festival, but you're telling me it's much more than that….

Olia Zhuk, Curator, International Arsenal Book Festival: "Yes we are trying to make a point that a book is much more than just a product. It is kind of lifestyle, and people who read books, they also like to go to exhibitions, and watch films, listen to contemporary music. We are trying to make this experience for them, which adds value to reading the book".

- What do you hope that visitors to the book festival take away with them?

Olia Zhuk, Curator, International Arsenal Book Festival: "Besides a lot of books, I hope that they will get a lot of inspiration".

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SourceUkraine Today

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