A protest rally against violence was held in Baltimor , USA

Wed, 22.04.2015 17:54

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The protesters are demanding a thorough investigation of the causes of death of African American Freddie gray. As you know, he died a week after the arrest.

The U.S. justice Department investigates the circumstances of the death of a resident of Baltimore. During detention Freddy gray received a spinal injury. Six police officers suspended from duty.

They say the demonstrators:

“The situation is very sad. This problem exists everywhere in the country. We want to achieve justice and peace.”

“Today he's dead, because the police had implicated him in some situation, something happened, and we need to understand what happened, because he wasn't supposed to die - he had to be either in prison, or to stay alive.”

Previously Deputy head of the police Department of Baltimore Jerry Rodriguez said that there is no evidence of the use of force by law enforcement officers.


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