Today the minute of silence honor the victims of Japan disaster

Wed, 11.03.2015 19:47

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ At 14:46 local time in Japan began a minute of silence. It was at this time occurred the first tremors. The earthquake was the fifth force in the history of observations.

Victims of the disaster became more 18,5 thousand people. Their memory at a special ceremony was honored by the Emperor of Japan Akihito:

- Survivors are still in the harshest conditions. Moving forward, we need to unite and support the survivors, our hearts must fight together.

The tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami immediately eclipsed by the tragedy of Fukushima: the combination of powerful natural disasters, mistakes in the design and operation has led to disaster on the level of Chernobyl.

Effects of hydrogen explosions at three reactors at the nuclear power plant is still to be liquidated. The return of tens of thousands of people in their homes is questionable - the government cannot provide the complete decontamination of settlements. Complete dismantling of nuclear power plants, estimated to take about 40 years.


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