A million hectares of spring crops have already been sown in Ukraine

Sat, 28.03.2020 12:56

Spring sowing of 2020 spring crops has accelerated in all areas. During the week, as of March 26, 1 million 8 thousand hectares were sown, which is 383.5 thousand hectares more than as of March 19.

The press service of the Ministry of Economy informs. The following areas were leaders in the growth of crop rates: Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, and Chernihiv.

Thus, agricultural producers have already sown 7% of the forecast area. It is worth adding that the estimated area of ​​the main spring crops (10 crops) is 15.26 million hectares, which is 0.3 million hectares more than in 2019. In the structure of sowing of the spring group, the share of corn and sunflower is projected to increase, as will barley, soybeans and sugar beet.

“The introduction of an emergency throughout Ukraine does not imply a restriction on the free movement of goods. So, now farmers have all the necessary logistical resources for sowing campaigns, including seeds, plant protection products, mineral fertilizers, fuel and lubricants, ”the Economy Ministry notes. Note that sowing 2020 has started according to the schedule. According to the Ukrhydromet Center, favorable conditions for fast sowing are currently available.

Source: Agravery.com

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