A charity event to help the children from ATO held in Kyiv

Wed, 04.03.2015 16:08

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/  The organizer of the charity fairs "Art-Spring at the hem!" were the Foundation of the "Reunion".  At the time of the auction put up for sale the work of artists and craftsmen of Kiev.

The event was attended by representatives of almost all diplomatic missions of Ukraine, businessmen and government officials at various levels.

Entertained guests - Fusion restaurant. Helped to organize actions And Touristik" , "My Radio", "the Salvador Dali Museum", "Teahouse No. 1".

The campaign was successful and the funds raised will help bring order to the kitchen, which need little refugees.

At the Kiev fair raised money for orphans in Summarizing, the Foundation's Director Irina Bogdan said that her organization, Podstrana understanding of the problems of orphans by diplomats and business, will continue to hold similar events.

And plans for the future already planned assistance to the orphanage in Boyarka.


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