5 element of Ukraine reveals modern techniques for growing winter wheat

Mon, 22.07.2019 09:48

The 5-element Ukrainian fertilizer plant has launched an awareness campaign on the importance of relying on organic fertilizers to increase production and quality of agricultural crops, stressing the importance of harvesting healthy agricultural products and preserving the environment.

"Ukraine By Arabic" received a number of these articles after the plant fertilizer received the French Quality Certificate "Ecosert" for the second consecutive year. The first article dealt with the guidelines for the cultivation of winter wheat.

Winter wheat is the most popular cereal crop, and compared with other early cereals, it is able to produce ample crops regardless of seasons and weather.

These crops are highly sensitive to fertilizers as well as to growth stimuli. The quality and quantity of grains ,can be directly derived depends on the quality of products used for seed processing during winter wheat growing, as well as on the quality of the products used during the growth period of plants.

not possible to get a good result if there is a lack of nutrients for the plant.

The fifth element of organic fertilizer has produced growth catalysts and organic fertilizers to process winter wheat seeds and leaf workshops to help farmers harvest the quantities expected from their agricultural projects.

Winter seed processed by dissolving 25 grams of plant growth promoter from "fifth element" production in 10-12 liters of water to treat one ton of seed. 

The "fifth element" products have a direct effect on seed cells, which begin with rapid growth without the use of mineral fertilizers. The root system of the fifth-seeded growth-treated grains reaches a volume that exceeds the root system of untreated grains for one and a half times and up to two and a half times, process of germination is completely normal by activating microbiological processes and internal and external organs.

The plant biomass grows better, plant is able to withstand adverse weather conditions (frosts, temperature fluctuations, soil moisture deficiency) easily, and plant products increase plant immunity.

In the early spring, fertilization occurs after plant growth, and even if the soil is poor, the content of a single package (25 g) of the "fifth element" compost is enough to treat the surface of the plant leaves at 200 liters per hectare. In increasing the number of productive legs.

 The second fertilization process called productivity or "productive nutrition" because it has the greatest impact at harvest level. At this time, the "fifth element" fertilizer should be added at the start of seed germination.

 In addition to beneficial effects on yield, productive nutrition will benefit plants and the development of their lateral buds. This fertilization will increase the final harvest by 20-25%.

The factory experts have come to the conclusion that they are relying on modern innovations, using proven technologies, and specialists ready to help with this, ensuring the desired profit and high quality winter crops!

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Production plant: Ukraine, Holly Brystan, 1 Kazatska Street

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