40% rise in passengers through Lviv airport

Thu, 05.09.2019 18:08

The Lviv International Danylo Halytsky Airport in January-August 2019 increased passenger flow by 40% year-over-year, to 1.445 million people, the airport has reported on its official Facebook page.

At the same time, the number of flights for this period 2019 increased 24.3%, to 12,499 (10,794 international and 1,705 domestic).
According to the results of the airport in August 2019, 251,800 passengers (233,200 international and 18,600 domestic) took advantage of the air traffic, which is 31.4% more than in August 2018.

The number of flights serviced in August reached 1,942 (1,700 international and 242 domestic), which is 23.6% more than in August last year.
Lviv Airport is located six kilometers south from the city center.
The main international routes serviced by the airport are Warsaw, Istanbul, Munich, Vienna, Baku, Thessaloniki, Madrid, Rome, Tel Aviv, Bologna, Radom, Iraklion, Minsk, and Burgas.

Source: Interfax

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