16 per cent of saudis are engaged in private sector of kingdom

Wed, 15.02.2017 13:03

The Saudi nationals represented about 16 per cent of the workforce in the private sector in the third quarter of last year, Al Riyadh local newspaper reported on Wednesday, according to China's Xinhua news agency.

According to the Saudi General Organisation of Social Insurance, there were 10.26 million employees working in the private sector by the end of September, of which 1.68 million staff were Saudis.

Meanwhile, the organisation statistics showed that 48 per cent of local workforce in the sector receive less than US$800 as monthly salary.

The ratio of Saudi workforce in the private sector remains low despite measures to make them the preferable option for employers, such as local and foreign trainings and various initiatives for companies that hire locals.

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Source: bernama.com

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