13 ISIS militants were killed during yesterdasy's clashes near Al Bab

Tue, 27.12.2016 18:51

Fifteen people, including 13 terrorists ISIS and 2 Syrian opposition fighters were killed during clashes in the Syrian city of Al-Bab on Monday, 26 of December. In addition, one soldier was wounded.

It was reported by the Turkish military, supporting the groups of the Syrian opposition.

Also, according to the information of the Turkish armed forces, the SFA destroyed 158 targets of terrorists, including shelters, command&control and vehicle centers. The exact number of liquidated as a result of artillery strikes difficult to define.

Operation "Euphrates Shield" started in late August, its purpose - to move out ISIS terrorists from the northern borders of Syria. Tuesday is the 126th day of the operation.

A total of 42 mines and 2387 improvised explosive devices were neutralized since the start of operations.

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Source: albawaba.com.

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